Trying To Get Your Picky Cat Adjusted To A New Food? 3 Tips That Can Help

Getting your cat used to a new food can be necessary as they get older and their dietary needs change, because of a sudden dislike of their food, or simply due to the fact that their current food is being discontinued or no longer carried at the store you regularly shop at. If your cat is especially picky and you want to make the best effort towards getting your cat adjusted to their new food, consider the following three tips that can help get your cat on the right track towards loving their new food.

Balance a Mix Between the Old and New Food

If you're eager to find a way to get your cat accustomed to their new food, it's recommended that you start out by slowly mixing together their old and new food. Keeping the ratio mainly in favor of the old food and slowly increasing the amount of new food until it is 100% what they eat is a good idea, since it will help your cat adjust without making them uneasy.

With this practice in mind, you should make sure that you buy their new food plenty of time in advance so that you have time to adjust your cat without rushing.

Add a Sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast

When you want your cat to feel comfortable with their new food, it's a good idea to add something that helps them enjoy the flavor even more. A great option due to its availability at health food stores and number of nutritional benefits it provides is nutritional yeast. Strengthening the immune system, improving the shine of your cat's coat, and helping your cat feel full are all benefits that your cat can enjoy with the addition of nutritional yeast to their new food.

A tablespoon or two mixed in with their new food can help spark an interest in their food due to the cheesy flavor, helping your cat make a seamless adjustment.

Reduce Their Food Intake to Encourage Hunger

Laying out a ton of food for your cat to eat only to pick it up later that day without much eaten can be a waste of food, especially if you feed your cat a wet diet that needs refrigeration. Limiting how much you feed your cat initially can help in making sure that no food is wasted and that your cat feels hungry enough to try their new food.

For more advice on adjusting your cat to a new diet, contact a clinic such as Bodily Veterinary Clinic.