Exploring The Nutrition Needs Of An Older Cat

As cats age, their dietary needs change. They may need more or less of certain vitamins and their human counterparts are tasked with finding the right things for them. Whether this means dropping that extra tuna treat before bed or just making sure they get more chicken, senior cats have their own unique needs.


When it comes to checking ingredients on the label, cat owners should be looking for protein for their senior cat. It is important for them to receive a high amount of protein because it is used to create healthy tendons, soft fur, and to keep the animal's blood in excellent condition. Cats are lightning fast and so is their metabolism. They need a diet filled with a lot of protein because their metabolism quickly breaks it down into useful bits for their body.


As cats age, their nutrient needs change. They will need magnesium in their diets to help them absorb all of the vitamins and minerals their body uses to function correctly. This vital mineral also aids the body in keeping the bones strong and healthy. While magnesium deficiency is rare, a senior cat pet owner should keep an eye out for this essential mineral in their feline's diet.

Fatty Acids

Older cats need fatty acids just as much as they did when they were kittens. Fatty acids are what make a feline's fur silky and shiny. Fatty acids work to fight off things older cats are vulnerable to such as cancer and arthritis. They help in fighting off diseases and keep the body from succumbing to gastrointestinal problems. Fatty acids are found in fish oil, sunflower and pumpkin seed oil.


Antioxidants are mentioned on the television and it seems as if every beauty and health product boasts they are full of it. Senior cats are more susceptible to illness, injury and damage from free radicals. Antioxidants fight off illness and repair the troubles caused by free radicals. They deliver oxygen throughout the body and boost the immune system.

Be Ready To Make Changes At Any Time

Taking care of a senior cat means being ready to make adjustments as time passes by. They may need to take supplements or switch cat food to make sure they are getting the right amount of each nutrient they need. Always consult with a veterinarian before making any changes in a pet's diet or before adding supplements to their daily life.