Best Options When It Comes To Paying For Your Dog Vaccinations

According to the Animal Care Centers of NYC, vaccines are not only important to your canine's health, but they are also important the pet owners. Diseases like rabies can be contracted by dogs and transferred to humans. Of course, vaccines cost anywhere from $15 to $100 a piece, which can really add up over time, especially when you factor in the fee for the vet visit. It is best to take advantage of one of the following methods to decrease the overall cost of your dog's vaccinations. 

Mobile Pet Vaccination Clinic

Mobile pet vaccination clinics offer their services at a fraction of the cost you'd pay at your typical veterinarian's office. Not only will your dog be able to stay current on its vaccines, but these clinics tend to offer a few additional services as well. For example, you could have your dog de-wormed or have flea and tick medications applied. Some of the clinics will even microchip your pet in the event that it becomes lost. 

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is extremely reasonable and allows you to pay a little bit each month instead of one big lump sum when your pet needs a vaccination. The insurance works by requiring policy holders to pay a low copay (or none at all depending on the type of coverage you select) at each visit and this copay covers your responsibility for the vaccinations. The best part is that your pet will also be covered in the event of an emergency or sudden illness.  

Vaccinate Your Dog Yourself

Although some state public health officials do not recognize vaccines given to pets by their owners as valid, it is an option worth considering. Dog owners can order vaccines on the Internet, or even get them from their local veterinarian. The owners will be required to sign and submit a release form that makes them aware of the risks. This option removes the extra fees that the veterinarian charges for administering the vaccines, which will really add up over time as you keep up with a recommended vaccine schedule.

Pet Care Credit Card

There are a few companies that offer a credit card to handle pet care expenses. This is a great option if you don't have the money upfront, but you don't want your dog to get off of its vaccination schedule. Most of these pet care credit card companies give dog owners six months to pay off their balance interest free. You can break up the cost of the visit and vaccine over six months to make it more affordable. 

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