Naturally Eliminate Fleas from Your Dog's Body and Discourage New Ones from Appearing

If your dog has been scratching excessively, and if upon inspection you have noticed several fleas on their back, eliminate the pests and discourage new ones from making a home on your pet's body or in your home with the following natural methods. Once the flea problem has been resolved, set up an appointment with the veterinarian who normally treats your pet to receive additional help with keeping fleas at bay.

Apply a Homemade Spray That Is Made with Citrus Fruit

D-limonene is a hydrocarbon that is found in citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and limes. The hydrocarbon naturally kills and repels a variety of pests, including fleas. Peel a couple pieces of citrus fruit. Slice the peels into thin strips and add them to a pot of boiling water. Infuse the peels in the pot of water for several minutes. Wait for the water to cool, and pour it through a strainer and into a bowl so that the peel pieces are collected.

Pour the strained water into a spray bottle. Apply an even application of the citrus water to your pet's fur. Avoid spraying their eyes, nose, or ears because the citrus water could cause irritation. After a couple minutes, comb through your dog's fur with a pet brush. Dead fleas will be removed in this manner. Apply more citrus water to your pet's fur on a daily basis until all of the fleas have been eliminated.

Spray Cedar Oil and Purchase a Cedar Dog Bed

Cedar naturally kills and repels fleas. Pour some cedar oil into a small misting bottle. Apply a light coat of the oil to your dog's fur. Again, avoid spraying the product in your dogs eyes, nose, or ears. After a few minutes, bathe your dog. Before eliminating the oil with water or adding pet shampoo, massage the oil into your dog's fur with your fingertips. Rinse the oil from your dog's body with warm water.

Wash your dog's fur with standard pet shampoo. Rinse their body with water when finished. After towel-drying your dog's fur, comb through it to remove dead fleas. Purchase a cedar dog bed for your pet to sleep on to prevent additional pests from bothering your pet.

Wash Your Pet with Mild Dish Detergent

Mild dish detergent will stop fleas in their tracks and will not harm your pet. Apply a few drops of dish detergent to your dog's fur and comb through it with a pet brush. Once you have eliminated all of the fleas from their body, rinse your dog off in a tub that is filled with warm water. Afterwards, comb through their fur again to remove knots and to ensure that you have collected all of the fleas with the first combing session.

All of these treatment methods, as well as advice offered by your pet's veterinarian, will help you win the battle against the fleas.