Three Ways To Keep Your Puppy From Chewing Electrical Cords

Puppies like to chew on everything—their toys, your furniture, and even your electrical cords. While chew marks on your furniture are mostly just a nuisance, it's a much bigger problem when your puppy decides to chew on cords. They could get an electrical shock, burn the inside of their mouth, suffer seizures, or even die, so it's important to keep your puppy from chewing cords.

Elevate Cords

When you have a puppy, your electrical cords should never be running along the floor or hanging close to the ground. All of your cords need to be elevated so that your puppy can't chew them, even if they wanted to. Cords can be placed across tables, desks, or other furniture. You can also use cord clips to hold your cords against your walls or the backs of your furniture to keep them off the floor.

Provide Fun Chew Toys

Your puppy needs to chew on something while they're teething, and if they don't have fun, easily-accessible chew toys, they'll need to roam your house looking for things to chew, like your cords or furniture. To keep them occupied, make sure they have a selection of toys to distract them. Look for toys that can be filled with treats so that your dog will need to diligently chew the toys to reach the treats inside. When your dog has a chew toy that's full of peanut butter or another favorite snack, they'll have less reason to look for wires to chew.

Protect Cords with Tubing

If your puppy is very persistent and still wants to chew cords after you've elevated them and provided fun chew toys, consider protecting the cords with plastic tubing. Look for ¼-inch split loom tubing and thread it over top of the cords you need to protect. This tubing is inexpensive, so you can use it throughout your home.

The benefit of tubing is that it won't bother any of the human members of your family like foul-smelling cord chewing deterrents can. While making your cords smell like green apple or citrus will keep your dog away from the cords, it can also be so strong that it is unpleasant or you may not like that scent at all. Plastic tubing doesn't have a smell, so you won't even know it's there.

To keep your puppy from chewing your electrical cords and severely injuring themselves, elevate your cords, distract your puppy with fun toys, and protect your cords with tubing. For more information on what to do if your puppy gets to your cords, contact local professionals like East  Lake Animal Clinic.